Are you experiencing Stalled Growth? Flatlined Revenue? Slipping Profit Margins?

Need to Quickly Recapture Momentum and Get Back on Track?

       Our Growth Acceleration Assessment guides you through the "MUST HAVE" success factors 

Many businesses seem to get to a certain level of “satisfactory” performance and then get “stuck” there – often to the surprise of executives. Jim Collins, in his best-selling book, Good To Great, says that you must be willing to ask the “brutal questions” about your business if you are going to solve your problems and achieve your goals.

This Growth Acceleration Assessment is a diagnostic tool developed from over 30 years of “hands on” industry experience with companies such as GE Aviation, Smiths Aerospace and Eaton Corporation. We have also synthesized the latest leading practices with insights interviews of top industry executives and detailed study of repeatable growth models that work in today’s relentless market disruption reality.

This includes the incorporation of the seven essential factors that drive growth, and the company personalities that enable certain companies to grow faster than the middle market as a whole. It will help you gain insight into what may be slowing your growth and what you need to address to achieve your profitability and revenue goals.

Our understanding is that almost all organizations undergo the same challenges. It’s usually when those challenges have been accomplished by implementing a clear strategy and execution design, solid leadership and the right people in the right seats, that the organization is ready for further growth.

The world has become increasingly competitive. To win in the digital age requires you, your team and your business to be more Agile, Flexible, Innovative, Productive and Profitable. And that means creating greater clarity around what’s working and what needs to change.

Once you take the assessment, review your findings as to which steps you need to take next to put your business and career into “high-growth” mode.

I look forward to supporting you.  

Rich Kohler

Creator of The CEO Growth Mindset and Pathway to Growth